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Enchantment Guide For Beginners In Minecraft

Minecraft has become a much sought after game in arcade category owing to some reasons. It is simple enough to play but beneath the surface, you can explore a lot of stuffs.
Enchantment Guide For Beginners In Minecraft

This is what made it popular with players hailing from diverse age groups. Sometimes, you may wish if you could obtain more power to battle the enemies or hone your virtual building skills. That is actually possible by using the enchantments. Using enchantments is something the beginners may need time to master. However, once you learn the methods, you will be playing the game like a pro!

Why The Players Use Enchantments?

When you use enchantments, your hurdles get reduced. You can strengthen weapons or develop special armors that make you near invincible in combat situations. You will be able to apply enchantment on several items in this game. 

The basics of enchantment

To cast enchantment spell on various objects, you will require an enchantment table. You will also need to collect other objects like 4 pieces of obsidians, a couple of diamonds and a book. Making obsidian is simple and you will need to use water and lava. Diamonds in the game can be obtained by mining though finding them may not be easy. Books are not that hard to acquire. 
After you get all these items, position them in the right order to enchant stuffs. The book must be kept at the top while the lower layer has to be made up of obsidian and middle part will be for the diamond. You can use the table for enchantments for sure but using bookshelves around it will result in stronger enchantment. You may be lucky enough to obtain some enchanted stuffs from the villagers. 

The 3 methods of enchantment

As a matter of fact, in this game, enchanting can be done by using 3 methods. 
The default option is using a table for enchantment
You can blend 2 different enchanted items to get an item with power of both fused.
You can also mix one enchanted item with another item that is not enchanted.
Most of the times, you will be using the first method. You will need to use lapis lazuli along with the item on the enchantment table. This will fetch you the enchantment list with a few options. You will have to pick one. The tricky thing is you may not get the desired enchantment. It is also a matter of luck. 
The widely used enchantment in Minecraft
The enchantment options in the game are aplenty and here are some of them:
Looting – It augments the amount of loot drops-up to level 3.
Unbreaking – This spell makes your weapons and items more durable, up to Level 3. 
Frost Walker – It is ideal when you do not want to dive underwater. It lets you walk over water, up to level 2.
Respiration – It lets you breathe under the water, best for exploring the sea and harvesting the corals-up to level 3.
Sharpness – It enhances damaging capacity of the swords and axes, up to level 5. 
Feather Falling – Lets you evade fall related damage to an extent-up to level 4. 


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