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GTA Vice City – Unmatched Realistic Gaming Experience

Download GTA Vice City and enjoy the amazing plot integrated with realistic control physics. Revel in the matchless and most realistic gaming experience.



A Comprehensive Analysis of GTA Vice City

The game is a product of Adam Fowler, Alexander Roger, and Obbe Vermeij, who are all programmers. It was developed, published and released in 2002 by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games.


GTA Vice City, a part of the Grand Theft Auto series, was written by Dan Houser and James Worrall, with Leslie Benzies as the chief producer. It is an action-adventure, single-player game that can be played on several devices. The game is currently available on Android, iOS, Xbox, Fire OS, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

This game remains unbeaten as Rockstar Games’ most remarkable production as seen from its sales. In less than 24 hours after its release, over 500,000 copies were sold. The sales increased to over 1.4 million copies within 48 hours to make it the game with the fastest sales. 


Over 17 million copies of GTA Vice City was sold in 2008, which made it one of the producers’ most profitable project. The effective integration of an incredible plot with realistic control physics remains Vice City’s main source of attraction to gaming enthusiasts.

Exciting Features of GTA Vice City

The many amazing features of GTA Vice City is what makes the game exceptional. GTA Vice City offers various gaming environments, which include busy towns, beaches, and other splendid scenarios. Some of those exciting features to look out for include:

The Engaging Gameplay

This game has amazingly engaging and addictive gameplay. It involves controlling Tommy Vercetti, the mobster to complete several different missions. You need to complete set objectives of each scenario as you progress in the gameplay.

In some instances, you can take on different missions at a time. This is because you may have to wait for certain events to get further instructions. You also have the option of roaming the open world and completing side missions outside the game’s main missions.


There are two main islands and several other similar areas that are unlocked as you progress in the game.  You can navigate the world using vehicles, by flying, or on foot. Firearms, explosives and melee attacks can also be engaged during a fight.

Weapons include Cold Python, M60 machine gun and a Minigun. Drive-by shootings can also be performed when you face sideways while in a vehicle. 

The game offers firearms in different ways. They can be purchased from local firearms dealers, retrieved from dead bodies, or found lying around in the city.

The body armor feature allows the player to absorb explosives and take damages. However, in the process, the body armor meter gets exhausted. Health pick-ups are also available for players to reinforce their health and refill their health meter after taking damages. 

As soon as the health meter completely runs out, the gameplay stops, and you will respawn at the closest hospital. You should however, note that all of your armor along with some money will be lost in this process.

Then there is the wanted meter which goes up as you commit crimes and draws the attention of law enforcement agencies to you. The more crimes you commit, the higher the wanted meter reading and the greater response you get from law enforcement agencies.

The Fascinating Plot

GTA Vice City is set in Miami Vice City, a town that features many adventurous sceneries. Lovely skyscrapers, well-maintained roads, properly trimmed lawns, beaches and people are also featured in the game. 

The game begins when Tommy Vercetti, a drug dealer and criminal had just completed his 15 years jail term in maximum security. Back on the streets of Liberty City, Tommy realizes he is no longer king of the underworld gang.


He then collaborates with Sonny Forelli, who sends him on an assignment to Vice City. On getting to Vice City, Tommy joins forces with the criminal lawyer, Ken Rosenberg to deliver Sonny’s drugs to the Vance Brothers.

The drug deal gets ambushed, leading to a loss of all their merchandise and money. Sonny got really upset and gave Tommy an ultimatum to get all his money and drugs back.

Tommy then met with many people and strategized not only to recover the lost goods but also take back the city himself.

Music Design and Sound

This game features no less than 8,000 prerecorded dialogue lines. It contains over 113 songs and commercials, about nine hours of music and more than ninety minutes of cutscenes. All of the music and sound improves the gaming experience of the player.

Game Setting

GTA Vice City was set in the fictional Vice City in 1986, a story based on the city of Miami. The clothing, vehicle and the overall look of the game mirror the 1980s settings. GTA Vice City was also influenced by themes of some major TV films and shows from that period. Some of these include Miami Vice (1984-1989), Scarface (1983) and Carlito’s Way (1993).

Where to Get the Game

GTA Vice City is an amazing game that can be played on different types of devices. With its addictive and engaging play, you cannot help but love it.

Visit the following sites to download the game.

Apple Gadgets ($4.99):

PlayStation ($14.99): 


Android ($4.99):


With GTA Vice City, you are intimated with the criminal world. You get to build your criminal empire from scratch and make it formidable. Download GTA Vice City now to enjoy an unmatched realistic gaming experience.


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